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Homestyle Defines The Standard For Interior Design In Singapore

Where does interior renovation work begin?
Over a cup of coffee, yes.
Or a tee-off in the beautifully manicured fairway.
With Homestyle, every interior design work is a product of inspiration and innovation.
Our collective creativity brings your inspiration to life.
In a collaborative environment that makes us your team.

About Homestyle Trusted Experts of Interior Design In Singapore

Interior design in Singapore is a considerable undertaking.
Amidst a fast-paced work and school life, a respite in your own home is well-deserved if not much sought-after.
When carrying out home and commercial interior design in Singapore, the last thing you want is more stress.
This is how Homestyle works differently.
From the very first time we sit down and talk to you,
We become your team.

Get To Know Your Homestyle Team

Eclectic while definitive, versatile while undeviating towards an elevated sense of aesthetics, innovating interior spaces is what we live for.
For the past ten years, Homestyle has grown from a humble interior design practice to become a trusted name for HDB renovation, condo, and commercial space interior design in Singapore.
Aside from being sentinels of style and beauty, we are seasoned project executives.
Homestyle is highly trusted for commercial interior design in Singapore.
Because delays in a commercial space renovation can mean significant loss for your business We complete and turnover commercial interior design projects on time, all the time. Leave it to us.
Sit back, relax, and expect to have a great time cutting the ribbon in your truly grand opening.

What Works For You Is What We Do

At Homestyle, we believe that interior design in Singapore is about form and function.
We not only have lofty standards for aesthetics, we also ensure every inch of space is responsive to your needs.
Performance and beauty is the result of what we do.
We believe this is what interior design in Singapore is all about.
Whether at home or at work,
We make your space work for you, while you live life in style every day.
At the end of the day, interior design in Singapore is about what works for you – it is one that imbues your personal taste.

We listen. We value your inspired ideas. Thus our design portfolio for interior design in Singapore is eclectic, while we make your experience of space truly personal.
We offer our expert touch. Your ideas are like diamonds in the rough. We carefully bring your raw ideas to sparkle as precious gems. The result is space where your personal taste permeates the air.
We work out the numbers. As consultants for interior design in Singapore, we go beyond preparing a costing for your interior design work, we advise you on the most cost-effective way to achieve your dream space. We help make your idea happen at a cost that is easy on your finances.
We prepare a close-to-real-life artistic rendering. Interior design in Singapore means accessing experts in design software. Our 3D renderings of your home or commercial space are palpable down to the very minute detail so you can make an enlightened decision about how your space will feel like.
With all the rendering, job scope, and contract documents approved, we roll our sleeves up and get to work. We carefully chip off one tile after another, we revere the furniture and handle them with extreme care. Above all, we keep you in the know of what is happening so that our interior renovation work will be a magical show waiting to surprise you, instead of a picture of absolute chaos that’s hard to put together. 
As experts in interior design in Singapore, we work like swans – graceful above water but with feet pedalling resolutely under. Even with drills and dust around, we make you feel bliss while we work.
Finally, we take care of you after we hand over the key. As soon as you walk in to your newly freshened up space, we step aside to let you soak up the invigorating feeling, and stay close when you need help. We believe that with interior design in Singapore, after-service is paramount. More than just building a space, we build lasting partnerships.

Our signature for interior design in Singapore sets us apart.
Talk to us, and start living every day in
style with Homestyle.

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