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Archives: March, 2013

Bathroom Interior Design

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2013 Trends You Can Use In Residential Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design for residential structures is also influenced by the trends in commercial interior design. The applications, however, are often on the smaller scale to suit the homeowners’ personal preferences. Read more…

Commercial Interior Design

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Emerging Trends In Commercial Interior Design For 2013

Commercial Interior Design professionals are at the forefront of the industry and this holds true for 2013. Many of the emerging trends for the Year of the Water Snake come from the brilliant minds of commercial interior designers whose works have had strong influences in other industries. Read more…

HDB Flat Renovation

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HDB Flat Renovation Makes Any Room Functional

There are many ways to renovate a room in order to make it more functional and lovely for all those who must reside in it. Perhaps the paint on the wall is not the right color for your individual personality. Maybe the furniture is outdated and just not quite your style. If this is the case then it is time to get some help from the HDB Flat Renovation team and get everything you desire in a space. Read more…

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