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Bathroom Beauty: How to Achieve Exquisite Bathroom Interior Design in Singapore

April 14th, 2014

A dirty bathroom may be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria that cause unseen health hazards. For instance, an unclean showerhead may contain microorganisms and blast you with pathogens. In fact, a research study from the University of Colorado found that bathroom areas hold high concentrations of bacteria. Besides bacteria, mold can also take over your bathroom, especially if the latter is not well maintained. So what’s the solution to a dirty and unappealing bathroom problem? Well, it’s professional help from experts in interior design in Singapore.

Toilet Design Ideas for your home.

Just because the bathroom is the least-stayed-in home area doesn’t mean it needs less care and attention. Truth is, because the bathroom responds to your daily hygiene necessities (think bathing, shaving and well, other calls of nature!), it should be maintained clean and sanitary at all times. At Home Style, we understand the importance of a good bathroom design. As renowned experts in interior design in Singapore, we can transform your shabby bathroom into an alluring art piece that’s meant to add a touch of elegance to your overall home design!

Our Approach to Bath Room Interior Design in Singapore

At Home Style, we refuse to take bathroom interior design in Singapore very lightly. We consider it a delicate art which demands attention and creativity; that is why we, experts in interior design in Singapore, are careful not to overlook the essential details of putting together a beautiful bathroom. Here are some interior design practices we have incorporated in our bathroom design projects over the years:

Appropriate Colour Selections

Our specialised approach to bathroom interior design in Singapore has made us unafraid to experiment with colour selections. Colour choices are crucial to your bathroom aesthetics that’s why we carefully choose whether we’re opting for dark shades, bright colours or earth-inspired tones and apply it to where it is needed – on your walls or tiles! Darker shades usher in crowdedness and “close” the space while lighter hues maximise washroom space. Bathroom spaces with neutral tones, especially laden with green and blue shades, can be more invigorating and add a calmer feel.

Functionality and Aesthetics Go Together

Our concept of a good bathroom interior design in Singapore is simple: a mesh of functionality and visual harmony. We choose intelligent spatial layout in addition to aesthetics, like opting for a cool tall sink instead of low, bulky counterparts that eat up space or hurt your posture or encouraging the use of shower instead of a bathtub spread across the room, if the space is limited.

Bathroom Interior Design in Singapore is Home Style’s Expertise

Home Style has built a solid reputation in the industry of interior design in Singapore over the years. We trust that our reputable workmanship can build a better, more beautiful home for you, like we did to our past clients! Let us help put inspiration, passion and creativity into your own washroom. Contact us now for sophisticated, functional bathroom interior design in Singapore!


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