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Bathroom Design

December 25th, 2012

Bathroom Design Tips For Small Spaces

Planning A Bathroom Design With Small Space Areas

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a house. Some people even spend more time inside one than any other rooms. It’s where they bathe, clean themselves, groom, use the toilet, and even reflect on their daily lives. It is just fitting that bathrooms are designed according to the preference of the house owners. Designing a bathroom with a large space area shouldn’t be much of a problem as people can install equipment and add features as they like it. But it’s a different story for small area bathrooms. There are just too many limitations when designing a small space. Even the colours and the size of the tiles should be considered when planning a Bathroom Design with small space area.

The challenge in designing a bathroom is to make it functional, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. That’s difficult to achieve when the space area is limited. Often, the result looks cramped, making the room seem smaller than it already is. To avoid this, interior designers follow certain guidelines that allow function and style to come through.

Tips On A Small Bathroom Design

Small bathrooms are better with small tiles as big tiles can make the space look smaller. Avoid dark hues for the walls and ceilings as well. Light colours enhance the illusion of bigger space, though they can also appear bland. So instead of painting just one light colour, add bright hues to make the design more interesting. For example, pastel or neutral as the background colour and bold colours for the furniture will work out superbly.

Minimise clutters in the bathroom to avoid a busy look. Choose furniture pieces that have multiple functions, such as cabinet sinks that serve as organiser and receptacle for dustbins and clothes hampers. Also, look for minimalist styles for sinks so they won’t take up too much space. Pedestal sinks work best in small spaces because the space underneath can house other things, such as shelves and towel organisers.

Glass door enclosures or clear shower curtains open up spaces, unlike opaque doors which can further reduce the bathroom’s area size. To maximise space, consider sliding doors instead of conventional swinging doors so there are more spaces that can be used. Also, bright lights can make a Bathroom Design look more spacious. So if possible, let sunlight in or at least mimic natural lighting inside the bathroom.

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