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Bathroom Interior Design

March 21st, 2013

2013 Trends You Can Use In Residential Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design for residential structures is also influenced by the trends in commercial interior design. The applications, however, are often on the smaller scale to suit the homeowners’ personal preferences.

Here are a few trends for 2013 that you can discuss with your interior designer. Keep in mind that you must tread lightly on adopting all of these trends in a single bathroom lest the space becomes too crowded, too cluttered and too trendy. Just choose one or two and then incorporate the trend into the overall look of the bathroom.

Prints For Bathroom Interior Design

If you have no budget for a complete bathroom redesign, you can still add the 2013 trends in prints to your bathroom without ripping your pockets apart. Your best bet is to change the soft furnishings like the curtains, mats and wall hangings to reflect the trend. Just be sure to choose the prints and patterns that will complement the existing décor of the bathroom.

The trends in prints for bathroom interior design are:

• Retro botanicals are usually depicted with leaves, plants and flowers on the surface of the material such as graphic yellow and blue leaves on wallpaper. Buy shower and window curtains with retro botanical prints instead of redoing the entire bathroom tile wall.

• Stripes are back! These patterns add energy and vibrancy into any space while also making the room appear larger than it really is. The trick is in playing with the size of the stripes to get the desired effect.

Materials For Bathroom Interior Design

As for materials, glasses, bronze and marble are the emerging trends for 2013. Don’t just place a large mirror on a wall because that’s par for the course in a bathroom. Instead, group smaller mirrors on a wall as a statement piece instead of being just utilitarian items.

As for brass, go for metallic bathroom accessories like brass containers for scented candles – just perfect for setting the mood in the tub. Marble additions can come in small ornamental items that offset the starkness of the tiles.

You have so many ideas for your next bathroom interior design project and you did not even have to rob the bank to be trendy!

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