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Building a Beautiful Home Bar with Home Style, the Leading Singapore Interior Design Firm

April 30th, 2014

In Singapore, having a home bar is one of the more exciting ways to entertain guests and have fun. If you’re a fan of partying or liqueur or spirits, setting up a home bar is a great idea, simply because ownership of a home bar ushers in a more private and personal “partying” feel. With a home bar, you can entertain guests, start a drinking session or host an intimate party as you wish – think about skipping on the costs of bar hopping or getting to invite buddies you really like! Although setting up a home bar is challenging, it becomes a fairly easy pursuit with the aid of a Singapore interior design firm.

Homestyle Bar

Singapore Interior Design Firm: What to Consider when Setting Up a Home Bar

Interior designers who form the core of Home Style’s Singapore interior design firm understand how you want your home bar to be – a fun party venue depicting class and elegance, designed for cocktails and shared conversations. Outlined below are some design tips that can help you build a home bar that’s customised to satisfy your party needs:

1. Determine where to set up your bar. Polish this detail with our Singapore interior design firm so you can envision shape of the bar and evaluate whether the bar size should be cozy or a bit spacious to accommodate more people. Our creative professionals can help you decide on potential venues for you home bar.

2. Choose a solid design for your bar. There are varieties of home bar designs to choose from, ranging from simplistic portable bars to large and spacious U-shaped or L-shaped bars. Whatever design it is you want to pursue, our Singapore interior design firm can help you style your home bar exactly the way you want. In fact, we pose no limit to your design options as we can even customise your home bar according to your specifications and particular requirements.

3. Pick a colour scheme to give your home bar a personality. Add artsy, colour-semblant objects and fancy frames to match your colour scheme. Our Singapore interior design firm can help you add a personal touch to your home bar by embellishing it with a cute signage or displaying a mount (such as a deer head) for a more masculine feel.

4. Our Singapore interior design firm suggests better lighting for better nights. Usually, the home bar gets pretty active at night time so you have to put more creative effort into designing your lighting options. Choose some funky lighting options, like hanging pendant lights or tube lights strung along shelves.

Call our Singapore Interior Design Firm for Professional Help

For you to build a beautiful home bar, try consulting with our Singapore interior design firm. Home Style, the renowned Singapore interior design firm, is known for exquisite and well-executed design plans. Our team of interior designers are experts in the design field who have utmost respect for client demands. Call us today!

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