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Building a Beautiful Home Bar with Home Style, the Leading Singapore Interior Design Firm

In Singapore, having a home bar is one of the more exciting ways to entertain guests and have fun. If you’re a fan of partying or liqueur or spirits, setting up a home bar is a great idea, simply because ownership of a home bar ushers in a more private and personal “partying” feel. With a home bar, you can entertain guests, start a drinking session or host an intimate party as you wish – think about skipping on the costs of bar hopping or getting to invite buddies you really like! Although setting up a home bar is challenging, it becomes a fairly easy pursuit with the aid of a Singapore interior design firm.

Homestyle Bar

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Singapore Interior Design Firm: Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Home

The best part about hiring a Singapore interior design firm is that you don’t make decisions unguided. When you receive professional assistance from a Singapore interior design firm, the decision-making process becomes easier, because it can give you the worthy advice concerning various aspects of design execution, including furniture selection.

A focal part of the design process is the determination of the right furniture to accessorise your home with. So what furniture pieces must you integrate into the aesthetics of your would-be home? Allow us, the design experts from Home Style, to give you tips on how to pick the right furniture:

Interior Design Firm

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How to Select the Right Singapore Interior Design Company

When it comes to hiring a Singapore interior design company, decision-making can be a bit difficult because there are a lot of interior design companies based in the Lion City. In delivering their sales pitch, almost all of them offer the same selling propositions, like quality craftsmanship and lower service rates. So what do you do to determine which Singapore interior design company best suits your interior design requirements? It’s simple. Ask them a barrage of questions that help you better understand how they work, and if indeed their design approach matches what you look for in a Singapore interior design company.

Right Singapore interior Design Company

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Interesting Questions You Should Expect to be asked by a Singapore Interior Design Company

Most clients believe that hiring a Singapore interior design company to take care of their interior design requirements has long-term benefits. This thinking has proven to be true for many, as hiring design professionals surely guarantee impeccable design conceptualisations and executions without much delay and budget inflations.

Interior Design Ideas that fits your budget.

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Entertainment Galore: Home Interior Design in Singapore for Entertainment Rooms

You love entertainment. In fact, you spend most of your time at home watching your favourite TV shows and films, doing Karaoke, listening to music or playing games. If entertainment defines your kind of fun, it’s a must to have an entertainment room in your home. Having a well-designed entertainment room has numerous benefits. First, it prevents you from disturbing your neighbours with extremely loud music when the speaker volume is cranked up.  Second, it leaves other areas of the house peaceful and undisturbed while you spend time with your family members and friends in an exclusive room.  Not quite sure how to come up with a design concept for your entertainment room? Well, home interior design in Singapore is the answer to your problem.

Entertainment Home Interior Design

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Man it Up: Home Interior Design in Singapore Suited for Bachelors

Most design concepts of home interior design in Singapore have focused on family living. Many designers have crafted stylish homes for family lifestyles, but only a handful masters of home interior design in Singapore have stepped up their design approach, particularly when creating living spaces for those who live on their own: the bachelors.

Bachelors live a different lifestyle from those with families and children. Single men don’t have kids and spend their time at home playing video games, exploring entertainment or drinking with their buddies. As such, their living spaces are frequented by sports memorabilia, toy collections, gaming consoles and well, any other item defining their machismo. While popular belief posits that men are not particular with design, most men these days are becoming more meticulous with their home’s interiors.

Single men interior Designs for your pad.

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Living in Child-Friendly Homes through Interior Design in Singapore

The happiest homes often have kids busy running around and playing. Kids do all sorts of movement that even parents just don’t know when their locomotive engines will ever stop! As a result, we end up getting worried about them, making us wish we could look after them 24/7 or envelope them in a protective bubble wrap to keep hurtful things away, even those within our homes. Are you aware that there are child hazards at home? Glass figurines, sockets and sharp edged furniture pieces may seem decorative to you, but these can be detrimental to your kid’s safety if carelessly placed within living spaces, without consideration for your child’s playfulness. Want to get rid of these safety hazards? Then collaborate with reliable experts in interior design in Singapore!

Living in Child-Friendly Homes

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Sizzling Summer: Interior Design in Singapore Perfect for the Heat

Singapore’s Southeast Asian location has given it a tropical climate. The City State has no clear cut seasons, but akin to most countries near the equator, it enjoys hot and humid climate, owing to its geographical location. The months of April and May are, however, considered the hottest times of the year, and mark the “summer time” in Singapore, with an average temperature ranging from 25 degrees and 34 degrees Celsius. Are you looking to spruce things up a bit this summer by amplifying your home’s interiors with interior design in Singapore? Well, here are a few interesting season-appropriate design ideas recommended by specialists in interior design in Singapore you can use this summer:

Seasonal Interior Design Ideas for your home.

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Bathroom Beauty: How to Achieve Exquisite Bathroom Interior Design in Singapore

A dirty bathroom may be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria that cause unseen health hazards. For instance, an unclean showerhead may contain microorganisms and blast you with pathogens. In fact, a research study from the University of Colorado found that bathroom areas hold high concentrations of bacteria. Besides bacteria, mold can also take over your bathroom, especially if the latter is not well maintained. So what’s the solution to a dirty and unappealing bathroom problem? Well, it’s professional help from experts in interior design in Singapore.

Toilet Design Ideas for your home.

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Doll Up Your Baby’s Room With Interior Design in Singapore

Each of us is bound to take on the parenting role at some point in our lives. After all, one of the primary reasons we are here is to eventually nurture and care for new life…the life of our own child. The big question is, are you ready? Are you prepared for the coming of your little one? Equally important is the question: are you ready with the baby’s room? If not, fret not. Professional experts in interior design in Singapore can help you come up with exciting nursery decorating ideas to transform your baby’s room into a beautiful haven fit for your dearest angel!

 Baby Room Interior Design for your babies.

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