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Inexpensive Interior Design: Improving Home Interiors without Breaking the Bank

The art of creating stylish interior decors is often associated with the notion of bloated expenses and drained wallets. Clearly, this is a misconception as there are numerous ways to achieve a fabulous home interior design without going overboard with your expenses. The truth is, significant changes can be made to your interiors without necessarily breaking the bank, only if you know how to implement the right design approach to your home.

Interior designing Tips

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What’s Cooking: Flavourful Interior Design for Your Beloved Kitchen

Homeowners love to whip up gastronomic delights when hunger strikes. During these memorable moments of satiating food cravings, the kitchen becomes an essential venue as it is the place wherein homeowners can start getting creative with how they prepare culinary specialties. Because all the action (eating and cooking!) takes place in the kitchen, it is imperative for homeowners to take conscious effort in utilising interior design to beautify their kitchen spaces.

Interior Design Tips for kitchen designing

A lot of “magic” goes on in the kitchen – from cooking meals and cleaning kitchen wares to entertaining family guests and gathering together as a family – that is why it is being tagged as the heart of every home. Do you want to start giving your old kitchen a new makeover? If yes, then great! Here are some interior design tips that you can ponder upon once you decide to turn your kitchen space into a decorative working area.

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The Artsy Home: An Artistic Approach to Interior Design

Some homeowners have a thing in common: passion for Art. This rare passion often translates to an increased pile of artworks at home which may (or may not) contribute smartly to the beautification of home spaces. Do you want to know how your chosen art pieces can serve as home decors and impact your home interior design? Well, here are interesting tips on how to use these very own masterpieces to create that wonderful, artistic home interior design that’s elegant, dramatic and absolutely easy on the eyes.

Living Room Interior Designing for your home.

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Office Interior Design Strategies

Office Interior Design Strategies: Creative Offices for Better Work Productivity

Today’s business contexts demand greater emphasis on the quality of work environments of employees. According to different research studies published in the Journal of Business, Economics and Finance and the Journal of Facilities Management, better workplace environment leads to better employee productivity. A recent survey conducted by renowned architectural firm Gensler, in fact, showed that half of the employee population interviewed was willing to render an extra hour of service if given the opportunity to work in great work environments with good office interior design.

Office with well thought interior design

The direct impact of creative work ambience on the success of a business has become a compelling reason for more business owners and brand specialists to take a conscious effort in prioritising office interior design as part of their innovative strategy for productivity enhancement.

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Picking the Right Colours for Your Home’s Interior Design

As the famous Pablo Picasso once said, “colours follow the changes of emotions”. In the world of interior design, colour, as an element, cannot be undermined, as it plays a pivotal role in creating impactful, visually alluring home spaces.

The use of colour in interior design changes everything in an instant. Colour can quickly transform dull and boring living spaces into fabulous and appealing home spaces. Painting drastically enhances the look of any home structure – it can camouflage architectural flaws, enliven walls and interior spaces, sharpen home ambiences and settings, harmonise contrasting interiors and ornaments, create creative illusion and bring out individual style.  In interior design, all these can happen with a simple fresh coat of paint.

Alluring Home Colours
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Fabulous Home Interior Design Trends This 2014

A fresh new year has arrived and so should new trends in interior design. In the field of home interior design, change is inevitable – the evolution of art and design is not just a fad, it’s a necessity that paces itself in accordance with the needs and wants of today’s homeowners.

Here are some interior design trends that encapsulate and embody what home interior design will be this 2014:

1. Ethnic and cultural designs will flourish.

Break the bland, boring ambience of your interiors by integrating classy ethnic pieces into the overall design theme. Ethnic fabrics and culture-oriented prints and upholstery deserve a major spot in your living spaces as these accent pieces are conversational and eye-catching. The look of ethnicity always captivates the interest of people especially curious guests and visitors, and so placing some artistic pieces which exude distinct cultural identity can work to your advantage.

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Effective Guide to Interior Design for Small Spaces

One of the major problems faced by homeowners in Lion City is lack of home space. Singaporean homeowners recognise and understand these spatial limits, and that is why they are more intelligent with their use of home spaces and their approach to home interior design.

Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

Are you one of those who live in small residential units or homes? Do you want to give your home spaces a gorgeous makeover? Do you desire to create the illusion of bigger rooms, bigger spaces, and couple it with elegant, eye-catching interior design? Well, worry no more. Here are some effective space-enhancing tips that interior design experts in Singapore commonly apply to their interior design projects time after time: Read more…

Interior Design Which Are Creative and Unique

Every qualified interior designer will have you know that the secret to creating unique and creative interior design is by taking the path less travelled.

It’s true that anyone can just go to the mall and pick up art from a store that has mass-produced prints. However, not everyone will have the patience to search for options that are unique. Interesting art pieces for interior design will bring creative feel to the home or office. Besides, the very best option is informed by the psyche on the individual that will live or work within that space….

If you truly want to create authentic works of art either for your home or office, it’s necessary that your work falls under a specific category that you love… Read more…

Interior Design of Home or Offices

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Are you planning to move offices or homes? The big question is how and when will you get started with renovating your office or home?

To make your home feel warm or your office quintessential, it’s necessary to take a pose and think about the interior design of your working or living space. This is where the expertise of interior design comes in.

Whether you are a local or expat, you should deliberate on how exactly you would like your visitors to remember your home or office.

So Why Do I Need Interior Design Expertise?

When it comes to dealing with interior design, there are a number of things that are up for consideration. To get the right interior design, it is best that you work with an Interior designer that will help you consider the following aspects: Read more…

Interior Design The Homestyle Way

Many philosophers from yester-years to current ones agree on one thing; art and creative style reflects the society happenings of the era. Throughout the years, things have changed in the world of interior design.

HomeStyle Design gives you an overview of interior design trends and how they affect our day to day living…

Masculine Themes

Yes, masculine themes were adopted in this digital era. In the past year alone, this theme was adopted and it goes without saying that the average man developed interest in the way their interior design space was designed.

Under this interior design concept (Masculine Theme), colors changed to somber and only functional furniture takes precedence in the office or home. Stripes featured majorly on the other side of the scale.

Our team which composed of professional interior designers creating this unique theme use big and bold stripes from a myriad of strong colors to compliment communal places in the office or home. The way this effect is achieved varies from individual pieces of large art work or selecting stripy upholstery right through to creating stripy featured walls.

Masculine theme is big, bold, beautiful and a statement maker! Cool enough for the office or the home… Read more…

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