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Commercial Interior Design

March 14th, 2013

Emerging Trends In Commercial Interior Design For 2013

Commercial Interior Design professionals are at the forefront of the industry and this holds true for 2013. Many of the emerging trends for the Year of the Water Snake come from the brilliant minds of commercial interior designers whose works have had strong influences in other industries.

Using Colours In Commercial Interior Design

Every year, Pantone assigns a colour of the year such as Tangerine Tango for 2012. For 2013, the colour of the year is Emerald, which is described as lively, radiant and lush as well as the color of beauty and elegance that enhances the sense of balance, harmony and well-being. It is, in short, the peg upon which many professionals in commercial interior design will use in their works.

Then again, an increasing number of interior designers are leaning toward yellow because of its lively palette. The trick is in choosing the shade considering the wide range of yellows from unmellow yellow to olive. Better yet, make a beeline for patterns especially those with tribal influences like African, Mexican and even Bulgarian folklore prints. The trend is toward clashing and contrasting patterns to excite the senses so much so that your head will spin – in a good way, of course. It’s 2013 – go for non-traditional combos!

Going For Interactive Displays In Commercial Interior Design

Technology and interior design for commercial spaces are blending in ways that brings interactive design to the next level. We are not just talking about elements of design that the viewer can manipulate by pushing and pulling on the objects but of interactive design using touchscreen technology.

Basically, a multi-touch interactive screen is set in one part of the area preferably the storefront where even passersby can appreciate the effects and, hopefully, be encouraged to check out the merchandise inside. The screen has several benefits including letting your audience engage with both the products and the space, displaying interactive contents in accessible places, and turning any surface into an interactive space.

Other ideas for going interactive are changing the lighting with the tempo and music style in a nightclub as well as the so-called “blooming wallpaper” and “alive tiles”. The latter two examples change their colors and patterns depending on external factors like temperature and time of the day.

Leave the popular ideas in commercial interior design of 2012 right where these belong. Start with the trends for 2013 now.

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