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Condo Interior Design: When to Hire a Professional?

May 26th, 2014

Planning your own condo interior design can be a rather daunting task in Singapore. As such, many home owners have been enlisting the services of interior design firms when designing and furnishing their homes.

Knowing what you want to do with your interiors and being able to execute it are two very different matters. If you are still uncertain as to whether you should enlist the services of a condo interior design firm in Singapore, here are some things you might want to consider  to arrive with the decision.

Condo Interior Design in Singapore

When to Hire Condo Interior Design Professionals in Singapore

  1. Your budget. Hiring a condo interior design firm to help you create your dream home is obviously not free. Depending on who you hire and what you want done, your expenses can range from affordable to pricey. Determine your budget and discuss it with your interior designer so as to keep the cost within your budget.
  2. Your schedule.If you want to get your condo unit fully furnished by a certain time frame but your schedule does not permit you to execute the hands-on work, then hiring someone to work on your condo interior design would be a good idea. Interior design firms are used to working within deadlines and hiring one will allow you to do what you want with your condo unit without having to be there most of the time.
  3. Your openness to suggestions.Working with limited space can be a difficult task. If you have already decorated and re-decorated your home several times, and you are still unsatisfied with how it looks, then it’s probably about time to get a professional to help you. There are a handful of condo interior design services you can engage in Singapore. Getting expert opinion might just be what you need to achieve your dream home. Of course, an important factor to consider in hiring a professional is your willingness to integrate the designer’s ideas into your own unit.

How to Find Condo Interior Design Firms in Singapore

Once you have decided to seek the help of a professional interior designer, here are some tips on how to find them:

  1. Ask your friends. If your friends had previously hired professionals to carry out their condo interior design in Singapore, and have done a good job, it is a brilliant idea to ask them to refer their interior designers to you.
  2. Go to a home décor or furniture store.Most interior designers are affiliated with furniture shops. Check with the staffs and ask for the contact details of the interior designers who regularly shop there.
  3. Check out magazines. If you want to know what’s hot when it comes to condo interior design in Singapore, then magazines are one of your best bet. Not only will magazines give you contact information of the interior designers, they would often include several designers’ portfolios as well.
  4. Google for them. Search engines can be handy when looking for interior designers or interior design firms. Google for interior designers in your precinct to check out their portfolios and their clients’ testimonials. This will give you a good grasp of their interior design capabilities.

With the help of professionals, condo interior design in Singapore shouldn’t be too difficult. Follow above easy tips to make your condo interior designing experience an enjoyable one!

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