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Condo Renovation

February 1st, 2012

Condo Renovation Tips

Renovating a condo, whether in part or in full, requires effort, money, and time—lots of them, actually. It is, however, an investment to a space that’s bound to be a more conducive one for daily living, hopefully with a lot more of the aesthetic quality and functionality than its previous state.

But how exactly do you start renovating your whole house? This undertaking, after all, will consume you, stress you, and turn your life virtually—and literally—upside down! But the rewards of a better space should be enough to tide you through the months you will be spending possibly living out of a suitcase, camped out in your living room with your belongings topsy-turvy from it all.

Deciding On Your Desired Condo Renovation Style

Every project starts with a vision—some may call it a dream—and once you have made headway into it, everything else is bound to fall into place. But still, the question lingers: how do you start? Where do you start?

Look at your present space. And then imagine how you really want it to look like. You can even sketch this so you’d have a more tangible basis for your dream space. While you’re at it, however, consider the things you are willing to let go or lessen, and note the things you want to add or improve. Take notes! They are bound to be life-savers one day.

Consider the magazine (or the internet) your best friend. Spend a good deal of time researching, in short. Before doing anything else—contacting an interior designer and looking for suppliers—research online an in various media for available options. You can never have enough home design magazines that might carry your dream space on one of its glossy pages. Search until you get a good grip of the space you want. Pick up a chair here, a lamp there, a wallpaper idea from another. Magazines are bound to be a treasure trove of creative ideas for your own abode.

Condo Renovation: Everything Else

Everything else seems daunting, but realistically, once you start making that dream space a reality, everything changes. You would have to put so much of your time and other resources into making it a reality that some things need to take a backseat, like that weekend splurging at the mall or that quarterly out-of-town trip.

Learn to prioritize your needs. Depending on your budget and needs, you may overhaul one room at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed by all the chaos. It’s best to have someone reliable with you through this process—your interior designer first comes to mind. Renovations are no easy task, after all; you would need the opinion of others to guarantee that you’re making the salient choices every time.

Having an interior designer nearby would help you speed up the process because these are professionals who already know everything you’re going to need from start to finish. Listen to their inputs (you may have to let go of certain portions of your dream space, for instance, if your designer tells you that keeping it will blow up your costs). Learn to make sacrifices along the way, learning everything about designing, planning, and everything that comes with it.

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