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Effective Guide to Interior Design for Small Spaces

April 1st, 2014

One of the major problems faced by homeowners in Lion City is lack of home space. Singaporean homeowners recognise and understand these spatial limits, and that is why they are more intelligent with their use of home spaces and their approach to home interior design.

Interior Design Tips for Small Homes

Are you one of those who live in small residential units or homes? Do you want to give your home spaces a gorgeous makeover? Do you desire to create the illusion of bigger rooms, bigger spaces, and couple it with elegant, eye-catching interior design? Well, worry no more. Here are some effective space-enhancing tips that interior design experts in Singapore commonly apply to their interior design projects time after time:

"Clean" Design with minimum furniture

1. Learn to De-clutter.

Take a look at how your belongings are situated inside the house. Are books carelessly stacked atop tables? Are jars and ornaments lined up in the living room in a seemingly disorganised fashion? Are your office papers, mails and documents scattered across rooms? If yes is your answer, then it’s time to clean up the mess. Learn to declutter and eliminate what is unnecessary. Anything that serves no aesthetic purpose or is no longer in use must be put away. If you do this trick, you’ll be surprised at how it leaves the room looking more spacious and orderly. De-cluttering is a prerequisite to good interior design, because it removes from the design equation things which do not belong to the overall design theme.

A messy home creates a total eye sore. Mess is routinely associated with feelings of stress and induces negative emotions, plus it takes up a lot of space. To give your home a spacious, tidy look, keep the “clutter” away. Putting things in their proper place is a good start.

2. Good interior design demands intelligent space-saving storage options.        

Owning small home spaces can be very challenging for any homeowner as there’s not enough room to hold all the stuff in, including furniture pieces, ornaments and other essential belongings. To give your sanctuary a little breathing room, invest in space-saving alternatives. Try using stylish dual purpose cabinets or drawers and closet organisation systems to save more space. There are plenty of storage products in the market today, and all you have to do is select which one suits your taste and spatial requirements.

3. Better lighting means better spacing.

You might not know it, but lighting has a huge impact on the beauty of your interior design. If you want your interior spaces to look bigger, choose soft light over dark light. Oftentimes, small homes look more elegant when paired with softer hues.

Interior Designers in Singapore: Creative Minds of Interior Design

If you want a home that looks bigger and better, work with interior design experts. Our team of innovative interior designers can transform your dull home spaces into a sanctuary of class and sophistication. Let us help you with your interiors. Contact us now!




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