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Fabulous Home Interior Design Trends This 2014

April 3rd, 2014

A fresh new year has arrived and so should new trends in interior design. In the field of home interior design, change is inevitable – the evolution of art and design is not just a fad, it’s a necessity that paces itself in accordance with the needs and wants of today’s homeowners.

Here are some interior design trends that encapsulate and embody what home interior design will be this 2014:

1. Ethnic and cultural designs will flourish.

Break the bland, boring ambience of your interiors by integrating classy ethnic pieces into the overall design theme. Ethnic fabrics and culture-oriented prints and upholstery deserve a major spot in your living spaces as these accent pieces are conversational and eye-catching. The look of ethnicity always captivates the interest of people especially curious guests and visitors, and so placing some artistic pieces which exude distinct cultural identity can work to your advantage.

2.  Homes will bloom with floral themes.

This year’s home design trends will include floral-themed ornamental pieces and floral textiles. The floral trend is predicted to conquer several design industries, notably interior design and fashion design industries. To breathe life into your boring interiors, update your home’s look with soft, classic floral patterns. You may also want to pair geometric patterns with a soft floral look to achieve an exciting yet classy overall feel. In addition, spruce up existing decors in the living room with floral pillows or cushion.

3. Hair, hair is here!

Over the years, hair on floors or around the house is a big no-no. Interestingly, this year’s design is about to change all these by focusing on furniture pieces and interior decors that, well, have some hair in it. Yes, hair!  Now in 2014, for a more natural design feel, hair material will be visible in designs for settees, couches, tables and cushions.

4.  Maintaining compatibility of accents and colours.

In 2014, say goodbye to one set look! Enlivening base hues with a splash of accenting hues can add life to a dull room. Painting your walls with a solid block of colour might be a safe choice, but it might fail to add visual thrill to your interiors. It’s time to be more adventurous with colour matches!

Concept of interior design trend in 2014

5. More male perspectives incorporated in interior spaces.

Interior design mirrors what goes on inside the home. Now that more men are staying home, the prediction is that they would want to spend more time and participate in conceptualising the interior design for their home spaces. Concern for comfort has been speculated to be the focus of design for majority of the male population, but this year, male perspectives on design are speculated to embrace the value of aesthetics as well.

Work with Interior Design Experts for Trendy Home Interior Design

Because interior designers in Singapore understand the changing trends in interior design this year, it would be pragmatic if you contact one when you decide to overhaul your home. This way, you are confident that your home’s stylish interiors are up to date with the latest interior design trend this year and the coming years.




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