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HDB Flat Renovation

March 7th, 2013

HDB Flat Renovation Makes Any Room Functional

There are many ways to renovate a room in order to make it more functional and lovely for all those who must reside in it. Perhaps the paint on the wall is not the right color for your individual personality. Maybe the furniture is outdated and just not quite your style. If this is the case then it is time to get some help from the HDB Flat Renovation team and get everything you desire in a space.

Make it a Pink Palace with HDB Flat Renovation

Do you have two daughters who share a room but both have a different personality when it comes to style? HDB Flat Renovations will help create an ideal room that the both of them can use and still have their individuality.

With their design team and experts, a room filled with pink can be done with ease. Picture it for your little girls, a room filled with pink bookshelves, bed frames and desks. The walls themselves of course could be pink also, but that may be too much pink even for the little ones. Give the children a choice as to what other colors they would like to have too. A pale yellow or blue would be an idea as to what would blend well. Of course, there is the infamous combination of pink and black. Both colors are not only elegant but they too are girly all at once.

The girls can each have their own side of the room with a ceiling to floor bookshelf that can be placed as a divider in the room. This can also work for a Mother and daughter that share a single level loft. With each person having an individual side for their own things, a room can still look well put together and be creatively different based on each person’s personality.

Create An Elegant Master Bedroom With HDB Flat Renovation

Now that the children have had their room redone, it is time to take a look at your own. Have you ever thought to yourself that your room needed more lighting, and space? With the help of experts, this can be achieved.

Add your mattress to a platform with beautiful underlights to add a look of illumination. It will be as if you are stepping in to the clouds to go to sleep. With a backdrop of a beautiful colored bookshelf, grab your favorite book to read before you fall in to the land of slumber and enjoy yourself. Having this bookshelf behind the bed will help give you a place for your knickknacks as well.

Add some quaint and beautiful colors to the walls to make a simple and easy change, or add more knickknacks to your room to give it some pizzazz.

Make it exactly what you want with the help of the experts in HDB Flat Renovation and have the flat design that you’ve always wanted for your home.

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