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HDB Interior Design Tips to Help You Create a Personal, Stylish Look for Your HDB Flat

May 12th, 2014

Singapore’s HDB flats look alike. These units also have modest facades and simple interiors. The main challenge then for HDB flat owners is to design their homes with a creative twist and transform it into a sanctuary of relaxation and self-expression.  If you want your HDB unit to have a distinctive look apart from other flats, read the following HDB interior design tips from Home Style’s interior designers:

HBD flat interior

Learning HDB Interior Design Tips from HomeStyle Design

Use Floating Shelves

For a more sophisticated feel, try to use floating shelves. Our HDB interior design experts suggest placing your artistic collection of mementos and decorative objects onto these shelves. This will keep you from placing more items on your floor and clogging the floor space with clutter. Floating shelves also create feelings of tidiness and more space.

Play with Colours and Walls

For a quick design turn around, Home Style’s HDB interior design professionals recommend painting your walls with a new paint colour. This will easily create a new look for your home and add zest to your overall interiors. Our HDB interior design experts recommend going for neutral, pale and bright colours that complement your flat’s décors and fittings. Darker colours create a crowded look and give rooms a claustrophobic feel.

If you want to create an exquisite look for your unit, you can also use bold colours as your accents. Try to ornament a pale couch with fiery red or orange decors or your flooring with a colourful rug which coordinates with your other decors. If you are experimental, you may even paint your furniture anew!

Enhance the lighting

It’s crucial to focus on your lighting options as dark rooms hinder feelings of relaxation. Also, dark rooms prevent stimulation of good vibes and right moods. Another HDB interior design tip is to opt for eco-friendly lighting. Discard your incandescent bulbs and switch to compact fluorescent light. Better yet, incorporate natural light into your design so you can reduce the need to switch on your artificial lighting day and night. This will help you save more energy and more money.

Get creative with your floors

There are different flooring options to choose from. You can go for wooden flooring, concrete flooring or even carpeted flooring. If your flooring lacks personality, you can style it with carpets or rugs that complement your walls. HDB interior design experts suggest you pick flooring that matches your lifestyle needs. For instance, if you have kids, select a non-slip flooring option to avoid accidents.

HomeStyle Design Specialises in HDB Interior Design

Our HDB interior design professionals have proven their expertise in HDB design over the years.  In fact, we’ve worked with countless of HDB flat owners. We’ve successfully designed and decorated units so we know how we can help you transform your all-too similar unit into a private sanctuary which speaks of elegance and sophistication. Contact our HDB interior design specialists so we can start working on your dream unit today!

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