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HDB Renovation

November 25th, 2012

HDB Renovation Guidelines To Remember

The Housing and Development Board of Singapore offers HDB flats for all kinds of homeowner income brackets. To keep the quality of these flats, HDB requires that homeowners hire from its list of registered HDB renovation contractors. Hiring them would mean you are following the safety and quality standards set by the HDB (and avoid a fine of $5,000 in the process, which is imposed to homeowners who hire non-registered contractors).

HDB Renovation Guidelines Every Homeowner Should Know

If you are thinking of renovating your HDB flat, there are certain HDB-imposed rules you have to remember. It pays to be aware of these restrictions not just to avoid fines, but also to care for your home better in the future.

You have to understand that not all renovation works are allowed. Certain works require prior HDB permission, while others are completely prohibited. For works needing permission, such as wall demolition, your contractor has to submit a proposed floor plan for the evaluation of the HDB Technical Group. It is only after securing the approval can any work on your unit be allowed to commence.

HDB Renovation Works Not Allowed

HDB does not allow certain renovation works such as hacking and removal of structural parts (reinforced concrete wall, columns, beams, slabs, staircases within maisonette flats, and the like). Plastering of ceilings, installing awnings and other fixtures outside the flat, and constructing a water tank in the bathroom except for ready-made fiberglass bathtubs are all prohibited. To refer to the complete list, visit HDB’s official website.

These works are not allowed in order to avoid overloading (and thus weakening the structure and sacrificing the whole building’s safety). The HDB also prohibits any form of external modification and other sorts of installation that will pose public nuisance or pose hazards to the larger community. All homeowners of HDB flats are required to comply with these rules whenever they commission renovation works.

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