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HDB Renovation

April 2nd, 2012

HDB Renovation Guidelines You Should Know

Singapore’s Housing Development Board is the primary government body in charge of housing in the country, particularly in providing affordable and quality homes, as well as regulating housing-related operations to ensure they are up to par with standards.

Aside from affordable housing options, the HDB also approves renovation contractors which are compliant with its set standards. These renovation contractors, individual renovation and interior design companies in Singapore, seek approval from the HDB to supply services compliant with its rules as part of their portfolio.

What You Need To Do Upon Contacting An HDB Renovation Contractor

The HDB sets rules and standards for renovations in Singapore. There are renovations which need HDB permits, while there are those that do not. Right after finding the right HDB-listed renovation contractor for you, you will do well to find out if the types of renovations you want need permits from HDB. This is to facilitate your renovation plans further, avoiding any delays or else legal impediments.

The HDB imposes these rules to ensure only the highest quality and safety for housing-related operations. Your renovation contractor must be aware of the guidelines for building works that the HDB has put to effect, which it also has made available for reference in its website for easier consultation.

Under the HDB Building Works, everything from floor finishes to walls, the kitchen and bathroom, the door and the gate, the staircase and even the awnings and the fish tanks have to comply with certain safety and sanitation standards to keep them conducive for daily living.

Each homeowner has to comply with HDB’s rules on renovations, because the failure to obtain permit for certain works will result in the HDB requiring the homeowner to restore the space to its original condition.

What To Expect From An HDB Renovation Contractor

For homeowners looking into renovating their HDB flats, consulting an HDB renovation contractor is one of the best, not to mention cost-effective, ways to go about it. These contractors provide affordable packages using the highest designing and building standards while incorporating their signature touch as well. In transacting with an HDB-listed renovation contractor, make sure that all appropriate documentation are given, all rules are complied with, and all costs are accounted for.

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