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Home Renovation Singapore

May 17th, 2012

Enlarge Your Space With Home Renovation Singapore Tips

Home Renovation Singapore: How To Increase Home Space Areas

Having limited area at home usually leaves homeowners little choice with its design. They frequently restrict the quantity of their furniture and decorations so their home wouldn’t appear too confined. That results in sensible but nearly bare space or with mismatched furniture. There is still hope for those with limited space, though. There are Home Renovation Singapore tips for HDB flats and other houses with small spaces that you can apply to give your home an interior design that is both functional and visually-pleasing.

You can make your space area look smaller or bigger, depending on the colours of its walls and ceilings and its lighting scheme. A professional interior designer can open up a space without actually adding a few meters to it by choosing the right shades of paint, strategically positioning the lights, and putting fixtures in the right places. You would need to sacrifice a few days or even weeks, though, so the interior designer can work wonders with your home. However, for quick fix solutions, you can follow simple home renovation tips.

Increasing Home Spaces With Home Renovation Singapore Tips

Repainting walls or reassembling floors can take time. If you don’t have time, you can still apply changes in your house by simply repositioning your furniture. Poorly positioned furniture oftentimes make the room seem more cramped than it actually is. Your couches and tables may look better in a different angle. You can try putting them a little farther from each other as well, keeping a few inches in between them, so they don’t seem to eat up a tiny space.

Mirrors not only reflect the appearance of a person, but also spaces in a room. Placing a mirror next to a window can make the room appear brighter and give it an illusion of a larger space. It can also hide the dead ends in the room.

It takes time to change your flooring material. So instead of installing new tiles or a full carpet, place floor rugs. This will help create texture to the floor and emphasise the furniture in the room. And if you want to give your couches new look, cover them with new sofa covers and add throw pillows.

Another way to make your home appear bigger is by removing the unlit spaces. Dark corners make rooms look smaller. Place lamps in the corners of the rooms to maximise the area. For a more permanent solution, though, hire professional assistance. Home Renovation Singapore firms can give lasting interior design solutions to houses with small spaces.

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