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How to Find the Right Condo Interior Designer

May 24th, 2014

Just because your space and resources is limited doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream home. A condo interior designer will be able to help you in a variety of ways—from maximizing your space to making your condo more comfortable and put-together, all within a budget.

Condo Interior Designer

To make designer-hunting easier, follow the tips below. 

Tips for Choosing a Condo Interior Designer

  1. Know what you want. Interior designers often have signature looks and unique approaches they turn to by default. Unless you are willing to let your condo interior designer to completely take the lead, it is important that you know your personal tastes. Having an idea of the look you want to achieve will aid you in finding a designer specializing in a particular style.

  1. Do your “window shopping”. Before you hire a condo interior designer, make sure that you have seen some of his/her works. Ask to see the designer’s portfolio, or see if you can visit some of the homes or rooms he/she has previously designed. While testimonials from former clients might be helpful, remember that interior designing is taste-specific. There is a difference between a beautifully-designed home and a home you would actually love living in.
  2. Determine your budget. Knowing your budget is critical in determining which condo interior designer to hire, and if you can work together. Depending on the work to be done and the amount you’re willing to spend, you might prefer to hire a designer who charges a flat fee for all services or someone who charges an hourly rate.
  3. Remember that it’s personal. Decorating your interiors can last several months, so it’s important to build rapport with your condo interior designer. Hire a designer whom you trust and you are comfortable working with.

Common Mistakes in Hiring a Condo Interior Designer

Certain design mistakes can cost you both time and money. To keep the project smooth-sailing, steer clear of the following mistakes:

  1. Not checking qualifications. Bear in mind that you are hiring a condo interior designer for his/her education and qualifications so make sure that you look into your designer’s background. On your initial meeting, ask the designer about his/her certification, interior design education, and experience.
  2. Not drawing a proper contract. A substantial amount of money is at stake when hiring a professional so make sure that they prepare a contract which you will both agree on. Make sure that the agreement describes the work to be done by your condo interior designer, the fees, how and when the fees are to be paid, and insurance coverage for anything you purchase from him/her if applicable.
  3. Not listening to the designer. Your condo interior designer is there to consolidate your ideas and improve on them, so listen to your designer’s professional opinion. In case of disagreement, take some time to consider your designer’s suggestions before dismissing them.

With the right condo interior designer, you can have your dream home minus the hassle and frustration. To find the designer who will suit your needs, keep in mind on the tips above.

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