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Inexpensive Interior Design: Improving Home Interiors without Breaking the Bank

April 10th, 2014

The art of creating stylish interior decors is often associated with the notion of bloated expenses and drained wallets. Clearly, this is a misconception as there are numerous ways to achieve a fabulous home interior design without going overboard with your expenses. The truth is, significant changes can be made to your interiors without necessarily breaking the bank, only if you know how to implement the right design approach to your home.

Interior designing Tips

Easy, Affordable Interior Design Tricks

Listed below are some quick interior design tips that add more life, more style and more inspiration to your beloved sanctuary without burdening your financial resources.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint is highly appreciated

One of the most cost-effective ways to spruce up living spaces is to coat walls with a fresh paint colour. This cheap interior design trick ushers in novel feelings of freshness and rejuvenation especially if you are used to living in drab, lifeless home environment. As a backdrop for almost any decorating scheme, walls, particularly if newly coloured, can leave a changing, powerful impact on your interior structures.

Not extremely keen on colouring the entire home? Well, one alternative is to just colour a particular wall of a room instead of revamping the whole. Another option is to colour old doors, interior panels or aging tables with exciting hues to achieve that inexpensive yet extremely elegant look.

2. Let there be beautiful light

Add more crisp to your interior design with intelligent lighting options. As they say, a change in lighting fixtures can make or break every home’s interior design. Change moods by investing in environmentally-friendly low wattage bulbs instead of high wattage bulbs as the former give off softer light which embraces a more serene, romantic mood. Do-it-yourself shops these days offer an array of interesting, stylish lighting options at reasonable rates. If you want a more unique or creatively odd set of lighting options, say for example, an antique lamp or chandelier, you may try dropping by an antique shop or any flea market.

To save up on electricity, you may opt for an economical interior design which allows for natural light to come in. You can easily regulate the entrance of light into the rooms by using heavy curtains or shutters.

3. More shades of greenery

Having plants inside the home yields numerous benefits for every homeowner. First, shades of green promote a calmer atmosphere and help break monotony in a house excessively adorned with steel, metal or wood materials. Plants match well with conventional furniture pieces and add a streak of eco-friendly beauty into modern home interior design.  In addition, plants have been proven to filter out VOCs, otherwise known as common volatile organic compounds. As powerful air cleaners, plants are excellent in cleaning even indoor air.

Interior Design in Singapore Made Affordable

Interior Design is not just about spending. It’s also about being pragmatic. The good news is that in Singapore, there are interior designers who understand your financial constraints and propose design solutions to work around the problem areas of possible financial depletion.

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