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Interior Design

January 4th, 2012

The Interior Design Framework

An individual’s personality and character makes him/ her stand out from a crowd; this concept is what Interior Design in all about, being unique with just the right balance of lines and curves, reds and greens, wood and iron, thus making a space very remarkable to every occupant or visitor. But how does one make it as such? Just like a human being, internal and external factors aid in honing both an individual and a room’s structure in order to produce distinctive features that make them notable.

The Basics Of Interior Design

Design, a concept which many perceive as solely being colorful; although it entails the use of a variety of hues, bright colors are not its only components; in truth, people can use all shades of black and white and can still refer to it as a design because no matter what components were used, the important factor is the final presentation as a result of the mixture and unification of patterns and color.

Creativity is the root of all designs, whether they are for interior or exterior purposes. The process of being creative begins from the time the designer accepts a project and then moves on to build ideas that are influenced by suggestions, past learning, and imagination.

Interior Design: The Brainchild Of Visualization

When planning for a specific house, room, or space, visualization is the key. Although concrete information like floor area and construction materials used are essential is the adjustments and estimation of fixture shapes and sizes, the brain’s creative juice is the foundation of it all because of its ability to create imaginary representations of the desired end-results of the project.

In keeping track of the visual plan, remember to stick with a theme. Mixing and matching of concepts borrowed from one after the other can be practiced but remember to stick with one base theme in order to decrease the chances of getting disturbing rather than inspiring results.

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