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December 11th, 2012

Space-Saving Interior Design Tips

If you’re a proud owner of a humble bungalow or a two-bedroom unit, you’re most probably wondering how you can maximise your very limited space. Thankfully with modern and ingenious Interior Design techniques, you can come up with a home that’s more spacious than before.

Interior Design Tips To Save Space: Think Multifunctional

Multifunctional is the word that fittingly describes a space that goes from cramped to spacious, and efficiently at that! Look around your home and look at the corners you usually ignore: the space between your bed and your ceiling, the space below your bed, and that big table that takes up half of your home. See these spaces now? Can you visualize additional shelves for your clothes, books, and other things in these previously unnoticed nooks? You’re on the right track.

Also, think about that huge table again. Do you think you can do with one that’s attached to your wall instead, so that you can fold it up when not in use to make more room? Do you want to have a bookshelf that’s attached to the edge of your ceiling and goes all around the area of your room? That way, you won’t need that oversized shelf for books and use it for your other things.

Interior Design Tips: Hire The Right Designer

Now that you have a fairly good idea what you want to your space to be, it’s time to consult an Interior Designer to make it all a reality. Finding the right fit for you is really a matter of who you think can give you your dream space with the budget you have. Pick one who is willing to see your space firsthand before laying down the groundwork. Pick one who is open to your suggestions and always consults you first, whether about the type of wood to select or the thickness of the shelf to install.

The best designer for you will strike a balance between giving your liberty (it is, after all, your space) and exercising his or her expertise in the field. You must never feel left out of your own renovation project, and the right designer will make sure you are first to know about everything.

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