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Interior Design For HDB Flats

February 15th, 2012

Interior Design For HDB Flats: An Introduction On HDB

Back in 1947, a report from the British Housing Committee pointed out that one of Singapore’s districts housed a huge population of people who were experiencing extreme poverty and were living under inferior conditions. Because of this, the Housing Development Board (HDB) which was formerly known as the Singapore Improvement Trust came to life after the bill that supported the cause was passed.

Since then, people from the lower income group started to occupy the flats which were constructed particularly for them, thus, the “slum” area started to slowly diminish from the eye of the critics. To date, the HDB is still continuing with the project that they started, but they have already increased their scope in order to help other individuals including senior citizens.

Options On Maintenance And Interior Design For HDB Flats

Over time, it is already evident that the flats which have been occupied for several years since the construction period took place already need an updating. For the HDB built flats, the occupants have two options, they can either obtain help from the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) or they can opt to hire private professionals who can do the job.

If a flat owner elects to go for the HIP option, the institution will be responsible for carrying out any of the essential and optional improvements found on their regulations list. Hence, there is a limitation in the enhancement choices. Furthermore, before a renovation takes place, a poll needs to be performed, and it is necessary that at least 75% of the Singaporeans occupying the block approves of the pending request.

Hiring Professionals To Work On An Interior Design For HDB Flats

On the other hand, Interior Design For HDB Flats can also be done by a specializing company dependent on the choice of the owner. More options are available, thus, one can get to choose the specifics for the renovation without the need to pick from a limited list of alternatives.

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