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Interior Design HDB

April 16th, 2012

Making The Most Of Interior Design HDB In A Standard Flat

Singapore’s Housing Development Board or HDB has ushered in a new era of stylistic modern homes that are affordable by anyone. This has given birth to HDB flats, which feature all basic amenities, furniture, and fixtures found in a modern home that come at a fraction of the cost of other pricier spaces.

Interior Design HDB: The Standard Flat

One of the most cost-effective units of HDB flats is the HDB Standard Flat. This could have between three and five rooms or more, and an interior design package costs between S$21,800 and S$26,800 in all. This standard flat package already includes the design and installation in various basic parts and fixtures in the kitchen, ceiling, shower screen, floor, and bathroom.

The cost covers carpentry works for a top and bottom kitchen cabinet, a dish drainer, cooker hob and hood, and frosted glass panel. Bases for cabinets, washing machine, refrigerator, and shower kerb, all with tiles, are also included.

Inlet and outlet pipes for sinks and all other plumbing works will also be supplied and installed, as well as electrical hubs for ceiling lights, heaters, cabinets, and doorbell. The whole flat will also be painted, including the ceiling and the ICI walls, the pipes, and the doors. The cost also covers the supply and installation of floor tiles all over the house, including the bathrooms.

The Benefits Of Interior Design HDB Packages For A Standard Flat

Availing of an interior design package for your HDB Standard Flat not only gives you the convenience you need in making your flat the most presentable it could be; you also get all these at a very affordable price. Compared with doing each of your house’s parts in a staggered basis, availing of this package lets you achieve aesthetic coherence in your whole space without breaking the bank. You can also be sure that all installations done and materials used comply with HDB standards and are executed with the highest quality of workmanship possible.

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