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December 18th, 2012

Renovation On A Budget: Do You Need An Interior Designer?

If you want to do touch-ups to your home but are working on a very limited budget, is it a good decision to hire the services of an Interior Designer? Aren’t you better off on your own, perhaps with a couple of magazines for reference so you could save on designers’ fees?

What Can An Interior Designer Do To Your Renovation?

One of the more important issues to settle and help you decide better is this: what difference would it be if you hired and if you didn’t? Since budget is your main concern, look at the issue for that point of view. If you didn’t hire, you’re naturally saving on designer’s fees, but you have to remember that designer’s fees aren’t the only expense; in fact, it’s not nearly as big as the cost of the materials you’re going to be shouldering.

This is where you consider hiring a designer instead, especially if you do not have firsthand experience in the whole process. And renovation isn’t exactly a walk in the park. From planning to scouting for materials to contacting suppliers to contracting people to do the actual work, it’s an overwhelming process that needs somebody’s expertise. And if budget is your issue, your designer can very well provide you with what fits the bill to the hilt, instead of scrambling to search for the best deals from the Internet, magazines, and so many other resources.

How To Afford An Interior Designer

Your next affair, naturally, would be how to afford hiring a designer. Consider it a part of your renovation investment-an investment to materials that are sturdy, a design that is efficient and fits your taste, and a space that’s more conducive for its purpose. If you think you’re saving on fees, think about the additional costs if you buy the wrong materials, get a supplier that charges double (because you didn’t know other suppliers), or buy an expensive material that turns out to be no good in the first place (again, because you didn’t know what brands are reliable).

To be able to finally lay ground on your renovation work, set aside a period-a couple of months perhaps to a year-to save up. Set aside a manageable amount from your monthly income, and take on sidelines if you must. Whoever said renovating a house is a walk in the park? At least with a designer, you’ll have someone to tread the rather rocky path with.

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