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Interior Designer Singapore

January 11th, 2012

What To Look For In An Interior Designer Singapore

Singapore is rife with interior design professionals who transform spaces into more functional, more aesthetically pleasing spaces for public and private use. When looking for an interior designer to convert your office or home into something a more pleasant and efficient space, you have to look for the one with the following qualities:

Interior Designer Singapore: Fostering A Mutual Working Relationship

Interior Designers are visionaries and artists working with blank and sometimes drab spaces, which they have to transform into something entirely different. Good interior designers are able to weave magic into their works, making previously tacky spaces into well designed, streamlined ones; and revealing space where there appeared to be none before.

But skill and talent are but one facet of an interior designer’s professional profile. Another one that is as important is the designer’s ability to listen to clients’ input, and thereby foster a great working relationship with them.

Listening to you, the owner of the space, is vital in the whole process of interior design. Look for an interior designer who solicits your opinion first and foremost before making any decisions. What do you want out of your old space? What do you envision it to be? What are the activities you will be doing most of the time in this space? What are the things you want to eliminate, retain, add, or lessen?

Yet this is also just half of the working relationship. The other half lies with you, the owner, and how well you cooperate with your designer. You have to know exactly what you want (you can do preliminary research online or scour magazines for this purpose) and tell your designer exactly that. Ask yourself some essential questions too: will your envisioned space be doable? What are the major and minor changes you want to see? You simply can’t hire an interior designer and let him or her do anything with your space. It is you, after all, who is going to spend most of your hours in that new space.

Interior Designer Singapore: Delivering High-Quality Work From Start To Finish

Another side of the design process involves the works: from paperwork to actual materials to the finishing touches. Your interior designer must be a master of all these in the sense that he or she knows every bit of the process and takes you through it properly.

What are the first things you need to do to get the work underway?

Similarly, your designer must know how to assess your situation to suit your needs most. Good interior designers inspect your space before getting any further work done. This is to assess whether what you have in mind is doable. This is where your designer can base any adjustments that must be made to your envisioned space, if there will be any need for that.

Good interior designers are able to present you initial and detailed illustrations of your space using the latest in digital imaging software. From the layout to the perspective, your designer must be able to supply you with a virtual tour of your future space.

Your designer must also know how to assess your costs and adjust accordingly. Likewise, you have to make your budget very clear to them in the first place, because budget is often an arbiter of your planned space.

From start to finish, your designer must walk you through everything to make you feel you’re doing a hands-on job with your future space, making you feel that it is truly yours.

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