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Knowing Your Home Interior Designer

June 7th, 2014

The key to a hassle-free home renovation is hiring a good home interior designer and making full use of his/her skills. If this is your first time hiring a designer, here are some things you should know:

Home Interior Design

Things You Have to Know About Home Interior Designers

 1. They do more than choose fabrics, furnishings, and paint. What primarily differentiates a home interior designer from a decorator is work coverage. While a decorator’s job is limited to doing fabric swatches, choosing colors, and arranging furniture, an interior designer can help you not only with furnishings but also with structural planning.

 2. They are familiar with building codes. On top of below certified in design, a home interior designer would also have certifications attesting to his/her knowledge of current building codes, constructions standards, and other relevant laws. Your designer is concerned not only with visual appeal, but also with safety standards.

3. They can use technology to help you visualize changes. A home interior designer would be proficient in space-planning programs such as AutoCad, so take advantage of that. You can actually ask your designer to work up a digital rendering of your space, including the modifications you have in mind, so you can visualize the changes before starting the renovation.

 4. They can work with you even if you are not in the same city. While a lot of designers might prefer to work locally, some of them are willing to go out-of-town for certain projects so you might want to check first. Even if your chosen home interior designer doesn’t want to travel, he/she might be amenable to working long-distance or in collaboration with a local designer.

 Your Home Interior Designer Checklist

A professional can do wonders for your home, but before you hire one, it is important to know that not all interior designers are created equal. When hiring a home interior designer, check for the following

1. Education

Interior designers complete a formal education program and, depending on their preferences, it can earn them anywhere from an associate to a master’s degree in interior designing, with some even earning their degrees from internationally-reputed design schools. While education is not the only thing that matters in hiring a home interior designer, skills certifications will at least give you an idea as to the expertise of the person you are hiring.

2. Communication skills

Putting together an interior renovation project requires not only designing prowess, but also excellent interpersonal skills. Your home interior designer has to work with you and other professionals (e.g. engineers, architects, contractors), so hire someone who can effectively relate your ideas to a third party

3. Creativity

This is the most important characteristic that a home interior designer must possess. Interior designing is all about space, texture, and colors, so you would want to hire someone with well-trained spatial-artistic abilities. Note that while years of training can give one an idea on how to work with space, it takes natural talent and creativity to put-together unconventional designs.

If you are having difficulties in choosing a designer for your home renovation, keep above pointers in mind as a guide to find the perfect fit.

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