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Living in Child-Friendly Homes through Interior Design in Singapore

April 18th, 2014

The happiest homes often have kids busy running around and playing. Kids do all sorts of movement that even parents just don’t know when their locomotive engines will ever stop! As a result, we end up getting worried about them, making us wish we could look after them 24/7 or envelope them in a protective bubble wrap to keep hurtful things away, even those within our homes. Are you aware that there are child hazards at home? Glass figurines, sockets and sharp edged furniture pieces may seem decorative to you, but these can be detrimental to your kid’s safety if carelessly placed within living spaces, without consideration for your child’s playfulness. Want to get rid of these safety hazards? Then collaborate with reliable experts in interior design in Singapore!

Living in Child-Friendly Homes

Like most parents, you always want to protect your kid from bruises. To do this consistently is almost an impossibility because kids love to explore and wonder. What you can do is to create an appropriate design approach and utilise child-friendly tenets of interior design in Singapore to build a safe environment for your child and transform your home into a child-friendly haven. Here are some creative ways professionals in interior design in Singapore design a home without losing sight of child safety:

Give kids the space they need

Experts in interior design in Singapore anchor their use of the space on the temperaments and attitude of your kids to come up with interiors that are suited to their tastes. Carve out spaces where your child can truly enjoy himself without feeling isolated. If your child is a book worm, let him enjoy his reading in a cozy nook in the living room. If your child is actively into sports and games, preserve for him a space for jumps, cartwheels and other moves!

Enhance Fire Readiness

A child-friendly home should not only be about aesthetics, it should also be about looking after your child’s well-being. With this in mind, designers specialising in interior design in Singapore always suggest the installation of smoke detectors inside the home, especially in the kid’s bedroom. If your home has a second floor, then a fire escape ladder should also be considered.

Do away with sharp edges

Experts in interior design in Singapore know that it’s natural for toddlers and kids to bump into tables and other furniture items so they carefully select only countertops and tables which have rounded corners to avoid child contusions and black eyes.

Reduce Socket Visibility

Kids are not supposed to play with electricity. Specialists in interior design in Singapore make sure sockets are correctly positioned in such a way that they become less visible to kids. This means better protection for your child against electrical shocks.

Why You Should Go For Child-Friendly Interior Design in Singapore

Going for child-friendly interior design in Singapore simply translates to better safeguards for your child. Contact Home Style today, the true expert in child-friendly interior design in Singapore!


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