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Man it Up: Home Interior Design in Singapore Suited for Bachelors

April 20th, 2014

Most design concepts of home interior design in Singapore have focused on family living. Many designers have crafted stylish homes for family lifestyles, but only a handful masters of home interior design in Singapore have stepped up their design approach, particularly when creating living spaces for those who live on their own: the bachelors.

Bachelors live a different lifestyle from those with families and children. Single men don’t have kids and spend their time at home playing video games, exploring entertainment or drinking with their buddies. As such, their living spaces are frequented by sports memorabilia, toy collections, gaming consoles and well, any other item defining their machismo. While popular belief posits that men are not particular with design, most men these days are becoming more meticulous with their home’s interiors.

Single men interior Designs for your pad.

Home Interior Design in Singapore: Design Tips to Man Up Your Bachelor’s Pad

Gone are the days when men refuse to use their creative energies to have lovely, stimulating living spaces. Home Style’s experts in home interior design in Singapore prepared you the following list of design trends that most Martians in Singapore would want in their bachelor pads these days:

Use of Not-So-Usual Masculine Colours

While the shades of blue, white and black remain a favorite among males, these colour selections have become overused in most interior designs. Experts in home interior design in Singapore recognise that these colours have become overrated and so they managed to come up with other novel colours to use for a manly bachelor pad.

Neutral tones like taupe are highly encouraged. Deep shades of violet and fire engine red are considered classy alternatives. In addition, gray and brown can also complement the pad’s walls without losing the vibrant, masculine persona of the bachelor. These colors can work so well without really throwing off male energies. Experts in home interior design in Singapore suggest to do away with monotonous colours (primary colours especially) as their overwhelming shades may dampen the look of elegance.

Take care of the Lighting

Most men tend to ignore the importance of lighting options to their overall home design, that they retain the use of fluorescent bulbs and endure its glaring light. This should not be the case. Experts in home interior design in Singapore suggest a change in lighting options, like investing in desk lamps and task lamps which give off flattering light gentle on the eyes. To avoid harsh light, dimmer switches should be installed.

Avoid ugly DVD/CD racks.

Some guys hold on to the 90s feel by storing their CD and DVD collections in racks. Experts in home interior design in Singapore suggest that these racks be banished. Well, it’s already year 2014, and the rack look creates a visual mess that must go.

Discover the Beauty of Home Interior Design in Singapore

Want a bachelor pad that spells out your manly charm? Talk to Home Style’s experts in Home interior design in Singapore today!

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