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Office Interior Design Singapore

January 23rd, 2012

Elements Of A Minimalist Office Interior Design Singapore

Minimalism is one of the greatest facets of modern interior design. Coming from the word minimal, this interior design technique breaks down design into its barest elements, incorporating essentials and accessories to create the least superfluous design possible in any space.

What minimalist interior design does not have are the following: rich, intricate details; bursting colors with equally larger-than-life designs; and super fluid shapes and sizes.

Modern offices are particularly inclined to adapt the minimalist design into their spaces. What exactly are the elements that make minimalism the preferred—and perfect—choice for office interior design?

Minimalist Office Interior Design Singapore: The Elements

Clean lines: fluid, curvy lines are almost always not used in common offices. But far from being too stiff, minimalism provides clean lines for a streamlined look—from walls to ceilings to every minute detail. Offices, after all, are a place of work. Most offices that involve daily paperwork and other common operations would need less of the clutter that overdesigned (or rather, poorly designed) workspaces offer.

Cohesive color palettes: minimalism aims to not overwhelm the senses with rich detail and screaming colors, this is why frequently, a two- to three-tone color palette is used in everything from the wallpapers to the floor to the color of the furniture. Far from being homogeneous, this color cohesion is easy on the eyes and creates a cleaner overall look to any room.

Straight-edge shapes: furniture and fixtures in a minimalist office are all squares, rectangles, and all other similar shapes. Simple and easy to match with one another, furniture with straight edges finish an office’s professional look.

Minimalist Office Interior Design Singapore: The Benefits

Minimalist interior design in offices is preferred for the immense aid it gives to productivity and to creating a professional look and feel for both the employees and the clients.

Productivity: employees need a conducive workspace so they can focus on their work and not on the clutter that they are making while doing it (and, consequently, the cleaning up they will have to do at the end of an already stressful day). But with a minimalist office that creates this neat, streamlined look, chances are employees will feel less of the aesthetic stress. In fact, an interior design done very well may even encourage them to clean as they go.

Professionalism: with an overall clean look, an office that is done in a minimalist design will give clients a no-nonsense impression of the company. With carefully selected elements from the types of furniture to the colors, an office that is designed the minimal way will have additional bragging rights of getting the job done.

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