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Office Interior Design Strategies

April 7th, 2014

Office Interior Design Strategies: Creative Offices for Better Work Productivity

Today’s business contexts demand greater emphasis on the quality of work environments of employees. According to different research studies published in the Journal of Business, Economics and Finance and the Journal of Facilities Management, better workplace environment leads to better employee productivity. A recent survey conducted by renowned architectural firm Gensler, in fact, showed that half of the employee population interviewed was willing to render an extra hour of service if given the opportunity to work in great work environments with good office interior design.

Office with well thought interior design

The direct impact of creative work ambience on the success of a business has become a compelling reason for more business owners and brand specialists to take a conscious effort in prioritising office interior design as part of their innovative strategy for productivity enhancement.

This simply means advocating a careful overhaul of the “usual” office look – first, letting go of the typical dull and drab cube farms, bland beige walls, monotonous hues, fluorescent lights, outdated technology and cramped, disorganised spaces and second, adopting creative office interior design techniques that help employees work optimally and comfortably.

Things to Consider for a Better Workplace Interior Design

Here are some things to consider when conceptualising your office interior design:

What Goal Do You Want To Achieve?

What do you want to achieve with your new office overhaul? If you want to accentuate productivity or increase worker retention, let your rank and file employees enjoy the beautiful outdoor views and natural light by placing them near open spaces by the windows.

If you are looking to boost collaborative energies amongst employees, do away with random seating as it tends to disrupt the flow of ideas. Keep collaborative areas close and mini-conference rooms enclosed. This way, workers can easily conduct informal meetings or sessions without having to go through the noise that permeates spaces between clusters of cubes.

If you want employees to experience an ideal mesh of privacy and collaboration, try separating employees with only petite partitions. This is a more balanced approach as completely removing the dividing sections may be too invasive and noisy while keeping traditional cubicles with tall dividers may hinder creative collaboration.

Culturally-Appropriate Office Interior Design

Office interior design does not only make your workplace a bit more interesting and visually appealing, it also drives your business identity. In conceptualising office interior design, make sure your atmosphere and workplace decor mirror your company’s brand. Determine if the sense of place brought about by the interior design is in harmony with your corporate culture and appropriate for your company identity.

Office Interior Design Professionals in Singapore Bring Out Your Business Identity in Every Design

A well-designed workplace may not only give your employees the creative boost they need, it may also give your brand a new sparkle. Collaborate with the best office interior design experts in Singapore today to achieve that classy, elegant work spaces your employees rightfully deserve. A little help from a team of interior designers can surely help you design and formulate work environments that inspire and yield positive results!

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