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The 4 Top Concepts of Great Home Interior Design

Posted by : Admin   On : 01-06-2014       

Singapore homemakers are restricted to the limitations that the local real estate imposes upon them, namely relatively small spaces to create home interior design.

While building your home in any location where real estate is expensive and space is scarce, it’s important to keep in mind a few key concepts that will enable you to make the most out of your space, and to also make sure your home interior design goals are achieved.

Home Interior Design Article

Hottest Home Interior Design Trends

Posted by : Admin   On : 29-05-2014       

Like arts and fashion, interior design is also dynamic, changing along with the times and living standards. If you want to redecorate your home but still haven’t decided on a specific look, then it is good to start researching on the hottest trends on home interior design in Singapore.

Home Interior Design in Singapore

Condo Interior Design: When to Hire a Professional?

Posted by : Admin   On : 26-05-2014       

Planning your own condo interior design can be a rather daunting task in Singapore. As such, many home owners have been enlisting the services of interior design firms when designing and furnishing their homes.

Knowing what you want to do with your interiors and being able to execute it are two very different matters. If you are still uncertain as to whether you should enlist the services of a condo interior design firm in Singapore, here are some things you might want to consider  to arrive with the decision.

Condo Interior Design in Singapore

How to Find the Right Condo Interior Designer

Posted by : Admin   On : 24-05-2014       

Just because your space and resources is limited doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream home. A condo interior designer will be able to help you in a variety of ways—from maximizing your space to making your condo more comfortable and put-together, all within a budget.

Condo Interior Designer

Maximize Your Space: Condo Interior Design Tips and Tricks

Posted by : Admin   On : 21-05-2014       

One of the challenges of designing a condominium unit in Singapore is the relatively limited space.  But just because space is limited doesn’t mean your condo interior design should be limited as well. True enough, there are a number of design hacks that you can take advantage of to create the illusion of a larger space.

Listed below are some condo interior design ideas you might want to consider to enhance your small space.

Condo Interior Design

Singapore is deemed one of the most successful nations in Southeast Asia today. The City State is known for laudable features: topnotch educational system, high quality healthcare and multicultural work force. Despite its impressive economic rise over the past recent years, Singapore still faces a serious issue: housing shortage.

Due to Singapore’s small territory, Singaporeans find it difficult to own private homes because of inflated housing rates. Thankfully, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore has provided cost-efficient ways for Singaporeans to own homes at affordable rates. HDB now offers what is called HDB flats, which are in essence, affordable living units for Singapore residents. Ownership of these varied home structures depends on the income of the housing applicant.

Despite differences in unit sizes and floor layouts, HDB flats look similar. In fact, they are criticised for being dull at times. For this reason, more and more experts in HDB interior design in Singapore are employed by HDB flat owners these days.

Right Design Professional Specialising in HDB Interior Design in Singapore

Hiring an HDB interior designer is a popular trend among flat owners these days. It’s easy to understand why. With professional help, a simple HDB flat can turn into a worthy investment, especially if the unit’s aesthetic value is enhanced beautifully. However, getting your HDB flat renovated is not simple as you think.

HDB Interior Design Singapore

Singapore’s HDB flats look alike. These units also have modest facades and simple interiors. The main challenge then for HDB flat owners is to design their homes with a creative twist and transform it into a sanctuary of relaxation and self-expression.  If you want your HDB unit to have a distinctive look apart from other flats, read the following HDB interior design tips from Home Style’s interior designers:

HBD flat interior

In Singapore, having a home bar is one of the more exciting ways to entertain guests and have fun. If you’re a fan of partying or liqueur or spirits, setting up a home bar is a great idea, simply because ownership of a home bar ushers in a more private and personal “partying” feel. With a home bar, you can entertain guests, start a drinking session or host an intimate party as you wish – think about skipping on the costs of bar hopping or getting to invite buddies you really like! Although setting up a home bar is challenging, it becomes a fairly easy pursuit with the aid of a Singapore interior design firm.

Homestyle Bar

Singapore Interior Design Firm: Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Home

Posted by : Admin   On : 28-04-2014       

The best part about hiring a Singapore interior design firm is that you don’t make decisions unguided. When you receive professional assistance from a Singapore interior design firm, the decision-making process becomes easier, because it can give you the worthy advice concerning various aspects of design execution, including furniture selection.

A focal part of the design process is the determination of the right furniture to accessorise your home with. So what furniture pieces must you integrate into the aesthetics of your would-be home? Allow us, the design experts from Home Style, to give you tips on how to pick the right furniture:

Interior Design Firm

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