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Picking the Right Colours for Your Home’s Interior Design

April 5th, 2014

As the famous Pablo Picasso once said, “colours follow the changes of emotions”. In the world of interior design, colour, as an element, cannot be undermined, as it plays a pivotal role in creating impactful, visually alluring home spaces.

The use of colour in interior design changes everything in an instant. Colour can quickly transform dull and boring living spaces into fabulous and appealing home spaces. Painting drastically enhances the look of any home structure – it can camouflage architectural flaws, enliven walls and interior spaces, sharpen home ambiences and settings, harmonise contrasting interiors and ornaments, create creative illusion and bring out individual style.  In interior design, all these can happen with a simple fresh coat of paint.

Alluring Home Colours

Picking a paint colour to go with your home’s interiors is a personal decision. Colour is deemed personal in the arena of interior design because it manifests your moods and generally represents, by visual language, your personality. Homeowners have varying tastes when it comes to colour choices –sometimes erratic, sometimes too messy and sometimes too adventurous for their home’s interiors. This thereby implies that if you are not guided properly, the colours you pick may work to your disadvantage and may even destroy your home’s overall interior design look.

To prevent the crowding of mismatched colours or hues, you need to be more careful in picking paint colours. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of hastily choosing paint colours without bothering to contemplate on the possible outcomes of their choices.

Things to Consider When Choosing Paint Colour for Interior Design

Do you want to avoid this mistake? Learn to consider the following factors before jumping on colour selections for your home interior design:

What Mood Do You Want to Exude?

A well-chosen paint colour can easily communicate the mood you want your home to exude. Try a splash of Chinese red lacquer on white walls to get that sassy, hot feeling all over the place. If you want warm walls that look sun-kissed despite gray rainy days, go for shades of butter cream. Shades of greens and blues give off a calm, soothing feel. Add in more earth tones to nurture a more relaxing environment at home.

Consider Your Home an Extension of your Persona

Not quite sure how to explore what colour best fits your personality? Then, go ahead and experiment with colours! Make careful observations as to how colours react or change at different times of the day. These characteristics can help you decide on what colour formulas to use.

More importantly, remember to select colours that keep you in a good mood and make you feel good about yourself. Paint your walls using colours that keep you happy!

Home Interior Design Professionals Help You Pick Better Colours

The good news for you is that your raw colour selections can be enhanced with the advice of interior design experts who can help you accentuate the aesthetics of your beloved home. Better colour schemes come into play when you heed the advice of interior design professionals. Contact them today!




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