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Renovation Contractors In Singapore

April 23rd, 2012

What Should You Look For In Renovation Contractors In Singapore?

You’ve finally decided that your home needs a major facelift. Your furniture and fixtures look dated, and your walls look like they’re in dire need of fresh paint or else a brand new set of wallpapers. But busy as you are, you don’t quite know how or where to even begin. The solution to this is simple: get yourself a trusted renovation contractor.

However, this may be easier said than done to most people. A natural dilemma which follows is: where do I get a trusted renovation contractor? How many of renovation contractors in Singapore could I actually trust to turn my home as I envision it, or perhaps make it even better?

The Basics In Finding The Right Renovation Contractors In Singapore

If you are clueless on who to contact, try asking friends or colleagues, and one or two might actually be able to give great recommendations. If you have a rough idea of how you want your home to be, stroll around establishments if you have free time and pay attention to their interiors. Does one resemble the design you envision your own space to be? Why not ask around who did their interiors? Surely they will also consider that a compliment.

Hoard home magazines and look at how modern homes are furnished now. You’re bound to get a helpful tip or two from these publications, not to mention a directory of possible renovation contractors you could call on for your project.

What You Should Expect From Renovation Contractors In Singapore

Once you have leads, give them a visit and try to discuss how you want to go about your renovation. Once you start transacting with renovation contractors, take note of the following key factors to help you decide which one is the best to work with. After all, renovating your home won’t happen overnight; you have to stick to people who you can work with well from start to finish.

First, a renovation contractor has to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Whatever your need is, they should be the one asking you questions and not the other way around. It is, after all, their duty to find out all the things essential to putting together a renovation project, including details which may escape the notice of non-interior designers such as yourself.

Second, they have to be willing to conduct a site evaluation. No good renovation contractor would simply design something from scratch without first seeing the space he or she will have to fix.

Third, you have to be included in the design phase. It is, after all, your house, so you have to be as involved as possible. They have to indulge you with the details, such as the colors that will best go with the overall feel of the new design, as well as the materials to be used.

Fourth, they have to give you a detailed job scope, costing, and contract documentation. You have to know how much renovating your home will cost you from start to finish, from labor costs to material costs and everything in between. They have to be able to provide you a cost-efficient renovation plan while keeping aesthetic considerations topnotch as well.

Fifth, they have to deliver quality after service once your newly renovated home is finished.

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