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January 2nd, 2012

Finally Getting Renovation Underway For Family Homes

Bigger family and more and more belongings—do you have enough space for them? Chances are you’re stuck with the same amount of real estate you first had upon marriage. More space taken up means less space to move around. How do you make life more conducive for your growing family when moving isn’t an option?

Renovate, of course! Renovation is the best any homeowner can get to the feel of a brand new home without changing addresses. Deciding to renovate is no small matter, however. It will involve focus, hands-on supervision, and money. A great advantage of this is you take full control of your house refurbishments and can pace them according to your budget.

Renovation Ideas For Common Rooms

Rooms for common use—living room, kitchen, dining room, and common bathrooms—are the main parts of the house. These are where family members and guests converge, thereby having the greatest impact on the home’s overall appeal. So how exactly do you give a facelift to these areas?

Planning: assess which parts you want to be changed. Ask yourself which parts do not quite function the way you want them to? Subsequently, write down how you want it to look instead. Sketch everything on a paper so you get a better perspective of your idea.

Hire an interior designer. You now have a vision of your new space. It’s time to make it a reality. Consult the expertise of interior designers to help you turn these ideas into tangible space. Discuss thoroughly the processes of refurbishment, including the major steps to be taken (do you need a major overhaul like taking down a wall to make way for wider space?). Interior designers will also consult you regarding the materials to be used from the color of the paint, floor, and fixtures. Good designers will not just ask you what you want; they will, in fact, give you suggestions (with samples) on how best to make your dream space come true.

When Is The Best Time For Renovation?

Renovation is a major project for any family, thus it cannot be done on a mere weekend (or even in four consecutive ones!). Refurbishments will also take up your time, so how much time off work can you give to check if your space turns out according to specifications? For extremely busy individuals, entrusting daily supervision to a trusted family member is the best option possible. Since prolonged and regular leaves are almost always not allowed in 8-to-5 jobs, scheduling repair work on weekends may also be a good choice for those who cannot entrust their home to anybody else. It will take more time but seeing everything gradually come to life is bound to be priceless as well.

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