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Singapore Interior Design

January 18th, 2012

Elements Of Singapore Interior Design

Interior design is not simply how a space is laid out with furniture, fixtures, and accessories. Interior design is all about space laid out beautifully, efficiently, and cost-effectively according to its use, the materials available, and the amount of space available for use.

Interior design is a separate field and is manned by professionals called interior designers who have to secure licenses before they can accept projects. Interior design is thus a science too, with detailed and arduous processes aside from the creative side of envisioning new spaces and designing them.

This is not to say, however, that only interior designers can do interior design. The core principle of designing or creating stays, after all, and can therefore be applied by anyone who wants to make his or her personal space a lot more pleasant than before.

The Three Core Elements Of Singapore Interior Design

A knowledge of the three core elements of interior design will therefore be useful for individuals looking to improve their spaces, either with the help of interior designers or by themselves alone. These three are aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Interior design therefore has just one goal: to achieve maximum functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness in any design project.

This is not to say that those who want to incorporate minor changes to their homes—such as a minor room redesign—cannot do so because they can’t spare money for the purpose. Redesign may be as simple as rearranging elements, making use of storage smartly, eliminating clutter, and rearranging furniture. Whatever your purpose, strive to strike a balance among the three to create your dream space.

Living Up To The Three Elements Of Singapore Interior Design

The natural dilemma is this: how exactly do you do this? Depending on your available resources and needs, you have to assign which of the three should be your main arbiter. Will it be cost-effectiveness, since you’re in a tight budget? If it is, this means you have to make sure that your aesthetic and functional considerations follow your budget and do not go over it.

If you want aesthetics to be your focal element, research extensively on how you can fit the other two to your aesthetic purpose. Make sure that the design you pick is still functional and within your budget.

If you’re all about function, it’s also better to choose the furniture that looks better over the tacky one, and make sure that it’s still within your budget range.

Striking a balance among these three may be difficult, but with the right researching skills and a lot of patience in scouring stores for the best choice for your needs, you’re on your happy way of finally having that dream space.

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