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Singapore Interior Design Firm: Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Home

April 28th, 2014

The best part about hiring a Singapore interior design firm is that you don’t make decisions unguided. When you receive professional assistance from a Singapore interior design firm, the decision-making process becomes easier, because it can give you the worthy advice concerning various aspects of design execution, including furniture selection.

A focal part of the design process is the determination of the right furniture to accessorise your home with. So what furniture pieces must you integrate into the aesthetics of your would-be home? Allow us, the design experts from Home Style, to give you tips on how to pick the right furniture:

Interior Design Firm

Furniture Selection Tips from a Reliable Singapore Interior Design Firm

What feel do you want to exude?

Our Singapore interior design firm understands that home decorating is all about taste and preference. Pick out a definite style you want to pursue early on to avoid the delays of indecisive mixing and matching. Are you looking for a casual feel? Then go for earthy wooden sets. For a more traditional tone, you may want to use dark red furniture decors or antiques. Contemporary feel demands the use of metallic, angular or sharp angled furniture. Expect our Singapore interior design firm to coordinate your pieces so that they complement one another.

Look into the fabric.

Experts from our Singapore interior design firm choose good furniture with the right fabric. If the decorative space breeds a formal tone, we use lighter coloured fabrics. If the furniture piece is to be used frequently, then darker shade of colour is a better choice.

Your space matters.                    

Our Singapore interior design firm evaluates your spatial limits. If space is not enough, we suggest premium pieces with concealed storage compartments. Try a coffee table equipped with a hidden drawer in the table top or a seat with a base storage. This enables you to reduce day to day clutter. Avoid bulky furniture items that block the way and overcrowd the room.

Go for something wild and unexpected.

Look for a decorative piece that bears an element of surprise or that which showcases a “wow” factor. Choose furniture that has a personality or even a bit of unconventionality in it. This way, your overall furniture layout doesn’t come out boring.

Know your budget limits.

Our Singapore interior design firm understands your purchasing power (and limits) so we look for furniture that’s durable, pretty and available at the best prices. The key to ending up with reasonably priced furniture is to stay patient and shop around for more options. Better yet, hire a professional Singapore interior design firm to help you get discounts from a trusted supplier.

Call Our Singapore interior design firm today for furniture Selection tips!

Make the furniture shopping adventure easier. Collaborate with Home Style, the leading Singapore interior design firm, so that you can invest in the right furniture. Call us today for more information and learn more about our interior design process!

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