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Sizzling Summer: Interior Design in Singapore Perfect for the Heat

April 14th, 2014

Singapore’s Southeast Asian location has given it a tropical climate. The City State has no clear cut seasons, but akin to most countries near the equator, it enjoys hot and humid climate, owing to its geographical location. The months of April and May are, however, considered the hottest times of the year, and mark the “summer time” in Singapore, with an average temperature ranging from 25 degrees and 34 degrees Celsius. Are you looking to spruce things up a bit this summer by amplifying your home’s interiors with interior design in Singapore? Well, here are a few interesting season-appropriate design ideas recommended by specialists in interior design in Singapore you can use this summer:

Seasonal Interior Design Ideas for your home.

A taste of outdoors from the inside

Your summer concept of interior design in Singapore should be as inviting as your envisioned trip to the shore. How do you make your home look and feel like a summer beach house through interior design in Singapore? Well, you can opt for cooler interior colour palettes instead of solid, formal hues. Bring the visual wonders of the outdoors to your private home by using fruit centrepieces, plants and flowers as interior decors. Usher in a more rustic feel by using eco-friendly accent pieces like hemp, terracotta and bamboo.

Enjoy the views of sun-kissed days

Feel free to bask in the elegant beauty of summer days. Position your furniture where you can truly enjoy the breath-taking views of the pool, the ocean or your home garden’s lush greeneries. Experts in interior design in Singapore can help you devise intelligent furniture arrangement that will give you easy access to these breathtaking views. Another great design alternative would be to place potted flowers, plants or herbs by your favourite windows.

Say Hello to Curtains

With the brazen heat out by noon, heat should be kept to a minimum. To suit the temperature rise, experts in interior design in Singapore choose to use light curtains instead of thick drapes. Drapery is dark and heavy material whereas curtain sheers are more versatile and airy.

Create the illusion of summer

Don’t have time to go on trips to the shore this summer? Create the illusion of exploring seascapes at home by hanging photographs and decors on the wall of your living room or bed room. Frame interesting posters or photographs of the ocean, sailboats and ships.  One good trick of experts in interior design in Singapore is to change and rotate artworks and decors from time to time to accommodate seasonal changes.

Home Style’s Designers: Masters of Summer-Flavoured Interior Design in Singapore

Who says interior design in Singapore can’t blend in with the season? We don’t. Home Style’s team of expert interior designers can prove to you that your home’s beauty need not be aesthetically stagnant, but ever changing with the climate. Rely on us to embellish your home spaces using our summer-inspired perspectives on interior design in Singapore. Get that beach house feel this summer! Contact us today!

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