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The 4 Top Concepts of Great Home Interior Design

June 1st, 2014

Singapore homemakers are restricted to the limitations that the local real estate imposes upon them, namely relatively small spaces to create home interior design.

While building your home in any location where real estate is expensive and space is scarce, it’s important to keep in mind a few key concepts that will enable you to make the most out of your space, and to also make sure your home interior design goals are achieved.

Home Interior Design Article

Top Concept #1: More Is Less

Despite being fairly self-explanatory and obvious, this one’s a keeper for everybody interested in home interior design. Remember that although it is your home, and your first instinct will be to fill it up with all of your knick-knacks and your family portraits, it might be a good idea to put them away. Make sure you’re keeping enough space for movement and other activities while working on your home interior design.

Top Concept #2: Go For the Right Colors

The difference between a crowded room and a spacious one is determined not only by the amount of objects in said space, but also by the way the room looks. Going for lighter colors in exchange of the darker tones when perfecting your home interior design ensures a roomy feeling for the space, and enables you to fill the room with more of your furniture, personal affairs and such objects without giving it an overcrowded feeling.

Top Concept #3: Use the Height

Every space, as you learned in basic geometry, has 3 dimensions: length, width and height. The first two comprise of the 2-dimensional space of your house, also known as Cubic Feet, in the real estate industry. The third one is the least expensive one, but can be used just as if it is one of the first two to create even more space when working on your home interior design. Make sure to utilize the entire space provided using higher bookshelves (with built-on ladders) and closets filled with shelves all the way to the top. This enables you to fill your house to its rims without overpopulating areas (such as the living room, bathroom, etc) with personal objects that are rarely used.

Top Concept #4: Light It Up

The final concept is, perhaps, the most important one. Much like in photography, when building your home interior design, it’s critical to create sufficient light sources. This will help to portray rooms, previously unappealing, as pleasant and comfortable.

This can be achieved by using one of the two main sources of lightning and that is artificial lightning (anything from desk lamps to entire-ceiling fluorescent grids) or natural lightning – wielding a certain type of shades on a large window can create a great lighting effect.

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