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The Artsy Home: An Artistic Approach to Interior Design

April 8th, 2014

Some homeowners have a thing in common: passion for Art. This rare passion often translates to an increased pile of artworks at home which may (or may not) contribute smartly to the beautification of home spaces. Do you want to know how your chosen art pieces can serve as home decors and impact your home interior design? Well, here are interesting tips on how to use these very own masterpieces to create that wonderful, artistic home interior design that’s elegant, dramatic and absolutely easy on the eyes.

Living Room Interior Designing for your home.

Experiment with color palettes.

Try exploring the colours of your favourite paintings and integrate these into your home spaces. Do not use an isolated, single colour; instead experiment! Breathe vigor and life into bland walls and spaces by utilising all the colours from the visual artworks you have grown to love over the years. This way, the color palette of your home becomes a bit more glamorous and interesting. Allow your artworks and paint colours to freely complement each other beautifully.

Inject humor into your design concepts.

Some artworks have plenty of humour in them. If tastefully chosen, these laugh inducing art pieces not only lighten up the mood and visually enthral visitors, they also keep guests entertained and amused. These decors can give guests a good belly laugh and are usually the starting point of a good conversation. In addition, wild prints and outrageous shapes found in artworks show your funny side so do not be afraid to incorporate them into your home’s overall interior design. Who says interior design has to be serious all the time?

Work around a theme to give your interior design a creative boost.

Combining artworks which feature the same theme creates a stronger impact on home interiors. A coherent theme in your art collection may be primarily achieved by availing of the artworks of same artists or purchasing art pieces of the same style. Let your favourite artworks narrate a story or at least, keep them relatable. Surely, your guests and visitors will consider every home visit an unforgettable “artistic” experience.

Focus on the artwork by exercising restraint.

Sometimes less is more. Why not exercise restraint and let your favourite artwork take the centre stage of your interior design concept? Instead of trying too hard to find decors or colours that go well with your special artworks, you may just opt to trim down the visual noise by doing away with a heavily detailed interior design presentation. Focus on the art instead and make it the focal point of your interiors. This lessens visual distraction which may otherwise be a problematic issue when there is a barrage of colours and shapes utilised in the design concept.


Interior Design Experts Help You Find the Best Artworks

Interior design professionals in Singapore understand the importance of choosing the best interior decors. As creative artists, they sure can give you a hand when choosing and integrating artworks that best suit the artistic ambiance you want for your home’s interior design. Contact these artists today!


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