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Why Find the Right Design Professional Specializing in HDB Interior Design in Singapore

May 18th, 2014

Singapore is deemed one of the most successful nations in Southeast Asia today. The City State is known for laudable features: topnotch educational system, high quality healthcare and multicultural work force. Despite its impressive economic rise over the past recent years, Singapore still faces a serious issue: housing shortage.

Due to Singapore’s small territory, Singaporeans find it difficult to own private homes because of inflated housing rates. Thankfully, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore has provided cost-efficient ways for Singaporeans to own homes at affordable rates. HDB now offers what is called HDB flats, which are in essence, affordable living units for Singapore residents. Ownership of these varied home structures depends on the income of the housing applicant.

Despite differences in unit sizes and floor layouts, HDB flats look similar. In fact, they are criticised for being dull at times. For this reason, more and more experts in HDB interior design in Singapore are employed by HDB flat owners these days.

Right Design Professional Specialising in HDB Interior Design in Singapore

Hiring an expert in HDB interior design in Singapore can lead to several benefits.

1. Creation of a personal “homey” look.

Designers well versed in HDB interior design in Singapore can help you formulate a specific look for your new home. Through exquisite design perspectives, the boring aura of HDB flats can be changed and converted into a welcoming space, highly expressive of your personality and creative pursuits. The best thing about hiring professionals of HDB interior design in Singapore is that they never overlook your specifications.  They know how to listen. Specialists in HDB interior design in Singapore have a strong sense of collaboration and showcase a desire to address their clients’ enquiries and questions.

2. Knowledge in renovation guidelines.

A specialist in HDB interior design in Singapore must also be well versed in the renovation requirements prescribed by the HDB. In fact, HDB has already mandated that only a licensed HDB renovation contractor should be hired when it comes to handling renovation projects for HDB flats. Their work includes application for renovation permit and notification of neighbors of on-going renovation work. Hiring a registered and hardworking expert in HDB interior design in Singapore is crucial to the success of the renovation process. Truth is, it is the HDB flat owner who may be held responsible and liable for non-compliance with HDB-promulgated rules and guidelines. If you don’t want any troubles, it is wise to hire only a registered expert in HDB interior design in Singapore as your service provider.

3. Management of time frames.

Sometimes, renovation or design work may not be finished on time. This is so when the work is done D-I-Y or handle by some mediocre design company. To have the work in check and completed before deadline, professional designers with expertise in HDB interior design in Singapore must be employed. Their mastery of HDB flats and its structures speeds up the conceptualisation of designs and its implementation, thereby saving you more time and money.

For exquisite HDB interior design in Singapore, call Home Style today!

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